The Leader/Creator
Of The FFM
Stien Feast Nine, a.k.a. Eric Bryan Seuthe II.
Bryan, or Yan as he is called by his friends, lives in Southern Orange County. He was born in the year of 1983. Stien writes the html for the site, along with the Guyia strip and the other additions: What Would Johnny Do, and Disco Avengers Trivia game. Soon to grace this page's html.

The Co-Leader Of
Anti, a.k.a. Jeremiah.
Jeremiah, or Jer as he is called by the group, lives in North San Diejo County. He is the other main powerhouse of the FFM workforce. With his own comic strip coming to FFM soon, and his work with Stien on the "Disco Avengers" he is the other writer and artist of the site.

Undercover Ops
Of The FFM
Minishamu, a.k.a. Brian
Brian, or plainly and for less confusion Ian, is the quiet member of the F.F.M.. He is the most presentable, and most responcible... so go figure that bastard is the one who is the farthest away! Heh, Ian will soon be helping Stien with the "Disco Avengers" trivia game if we ever learn flash here at F.F.M. Enterprises.