Life of Jeremy

In this dangerous world or rights and wrongs, one must stand up to injustice, or just build a wall of psycho babble... This is one mans story, the Life of Jeremy. A tale about a man, who built his life around sanity, only to find himself sentenced to mandatory psychology with a goverment issued shrink. Armed with his new tasks, enforced for some crime he is not legally allowed to talk about, he has one goal. To scare away this psychologist as quickly methodically and constantly as possible.

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I canít really say much more than Iíll miss Koko. This was the first time I met her. Was hanging out with Yan and he left for some reason and next thing I know this sweet innocent looking dog starts looking at me and coming closer while growling. Needless to say it kinda scared me, but Yan came back and she was nice again and never did that to me again. Koko was the best, Iíll never forget her or my first meeting of her, mostly because Yna will never let me forget my first meeting. This comic is my tribute to her, wish I could have done more.

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